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Mockup of COMAC CBJ business jet debuts at Paris Air Show

Last Updated (Beijing Time):2019-06-18   Source:News Center of COMAC
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Mockup of CBJ business jet debuts at air show on June 17th, 2019.


The 53th International Paris Air Show was opened in France on June 17th, 2019. Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, Ltd. (COMAC), having attended Paris Air Show for the fifth time, showed the research and development progress of ARJ21, C919 and CR929 aircraft as well as the development and construction of COMAC, and exhibited a 1:10 split-type model of CBJ business jet for the first time to overseas audiences. This means that COMAC is gradually forming a product development and market expansion pattern of developing regional jet, single-aisle trunk liner, dual-aisle trunk liner, and relevant derivatives such as business jet and cargo aircraft in series.

The CBJ business jet debuting at the air show overseas is one of the serial products of ARJ21 aircraft, and is characterized in high end and comfort. It has a more spacious cabin space than its rival models, which can accommodate the seating layout of 12-29 seats, and can be flexibly configured with relatively independent functional areas according to the customized requirements of customers. In addition to ensuring a smooth operation of ARJ21 aircraft, COMAC has continuously taken a number of performance optimization measures such as weight and drag reduction, man-machine interaction optimization and avionics system function optimization; the route operation efficiency has been significantly improved, and the market competitiveness has been continuously enhanced. ARJ21 aircraft is moving forward along the way to industrialized, large-scale and serialized development.

C919 aircraft is a single-aisle trunk liner independently developed in accordance with the internationalized airworthiness standards and the prevailing market standards. COMAC plans to put six test aircraft into flight test, three of which have already carried out flight test in Shanghai, Xi'an, Dongying and Nanchang, and the other three are in the process of subassembly and final assembly and are planned to be put into certification and flight test this year. In addition, the test aircraft for static test has completed the ultimate load static test of the whole aircraft, and the test aircraft for fatigue test is in the process of test preparation. COMAC has actively implemented customers' requirements into aircraft design, integrated customer service into flight test, improved the operation support system through the driving of flight test, and verified the effectiveness of the operation support system in advance.

China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Co., Ltd (CRAIC) is mainly responsible for the development and operation of the long range wide body commercial aircraft CR929. Since the establishment of the joint venture, both teams have cooperated closely, carried out several rounds of concentrative work in Shanghai and Moscow with the working mechanism of "China-Russia Joint Engineering Team (JET)", and advanced the research and development of the program effectively. At present, the joint concept definition phase of CR929 program has been completed.

2019 is the first year for COMAC to enter the second decade. In face of the huge demand of aviation market, COMAC will adhere to the principle of being customer centered, surround product realization and product management processes, insist on independent innovation, integrate global resources, realize collaborative and high-efficient operation, and sustainably create value for customers. COMAC will also carry out concentrated market promotion focusing on the potential customers of ARJ21, C919, CR929 and CBJ business jet at this year's air show, and will make communication and exchange with more customers to fully explore the demand of customers and gradually improve the satisfaction of airlines, pilots and passengers with aircraft products.


The stand of COMAC attracted attention on June 17th, 2019.


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